Will Window Tint Void My Manufacturer's Warranty?

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

The short answer is YES. Every window manufacturer has a different window warranty in place and a lot of them will void the warranty if you put window film or tint on the glass. Often times window tint providers will claim to take over your current window manufacturers warranty or provide their own. This can result in a complete legal mess down the road and could cost thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Does Window Tint Cause Damage?

Window tint or film over time will cause window seals to break down and can crack the glass or even completely shatter the entire window pane. When hot sun rays hit a window pane, the window tint will block the UV rays from passing through the glass. This causes the window to heat up and the extreme heat between the two panes of glass can result in blown seals, fogged windows and even shattered glass. This is why window manufacturers will void the warranty if window tint or film is applied to the window.

Window Tint Alternatives

Solar screens are the safest alternative to window tinting. They provide all the benefits of tinted windows as well as energy savings. The best part is they won't cause damage to your windows or window seals like tint and film.

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