Washing A Roof

So you want to wash your roof. Why?

Well, people who have experience with property management find that to be an obvious question. Over time, you can see dirt and debris accumulating on the roof. Sometimes moss or fungus starts to grow in areas of the roof, and make it look less attractive. Little things like this can be a gradual building irritation to a property owner. You want your property to look like it's well cared for! And a roof is not that easy to actually get up on.

In fact, even routine gutter cleaning is something that a surprising number of homeowners outsource, whether it's because they don't have a ladder, or they are afraid of falling, etc. So they call in the pros.

When you want a bright, clean, new-looking roof, it might be appropriate to wash it, but you have to use appropriate caution. We can do it for you – no sweat!

Rules on Pressure Washing the Roof

Most experts would caution against going in with your home pressure washer and going to town on your roof shingles. That's because high-pressure water can actually damage the roof in a number of ways.

Some of the higher pressure washers can take older shingles right off of your roof. Some of these kinds of treatments will void the roof warranty. You don't want any of that, so it's important to approach this kind of project with care. That's another reason why it's good to have a relationship with a professional firm that can tell you what to watch out for – because you don't want your DIY hard work to actually hurt the property!

Alternative Cleaning Methods

With the right attention to pressure per square inch (psi), it can be possible to pressure wash a roof safely. However, that pressure has to be in a moderate range. It's also possible to tackle a roof with brushes or other tools that will apply the water directly in a gentler way.

At Morningstar Exterior Pros, LLC, we are experienced in roof washing and can get you the clean result you want without any danger of damaging your roof structure. We are among the top companies offering these kinds of services in the San Antonio Texas area – we'll help you to take good care of your home! Call Morningstar Exterior Pros and get window cleaning, roof washing, exterior washing and other home services done right the first time, with excellent customer service and support. That's how you need it done!

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