Why Do We Call It “Soft Roof Washing”?

At Morningstar Exterior Pros, we are one of the leading property maintenance and improvement companies in the San Antonio, TX area. Take it from our Yelp reviewers and others quoted on the web site – or from the many customers who found us and passed the message on through word of mouth instead. We're proud of our track record of assisting residential and commercial property owners to make their buildings all they can be, and we are actively working in the San Antonio metro area daily.

One of our services, along with window cleaning and other washing options, is soft roof washing. To some people who are used to hearing about conventional pressure washing this is confusing. Why is it “soft”?

Benefits of Soft Roof Washing

A soft roof wash conducted at a lower PSI can provide much more value to the client. It avoids some of the risks associated with high-powered pressure washing, which can damage areas of the roof. It’s a kinder, gentler wash which is just what the doctor ordered for many an again roof structure.

What Soft Roof Washing Can Do

Soft roof washing can get rid of mold or mildew and various kinds of buildup that can make a roof look unsightly and old.

New home builders know the value of clean and pristine roof areas that help a property to show well. Soft roof washing is designed to help recondition a roof back to its former glory, without being stripping any essential materials or damaging the roof in any other way. It’s one of the most needed services that we offer around San Antonio, TX because it’s not uncommon for things to build up on a roof, especially where vegetation may encroach on the top of the roof.

Risks of Regular Roof Pressure Washing

Soft roof washing uses a softer touch, for example, 40-80 PSI, with some cleaning products, instead of higher-PSI washing. Traditional pressure washing can remove shingles from the roof or otherwise damage the roof structure. It can also void the roof's warranty, which can be a big problem.

That's why professional companies with real knowledge of the industry are moving toward soft roof washing services and promoting those services to an educated clientele.

Check out everything we can do at your property. We have the resources and trained professional staff to provide those renovation services that will enhance your property’s curb appeal and raise real estate value. Call Morningstar Exterior Pros for a job well done.

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